I fell in love with Diana Vreeland as a young college student, mesmerized by her pages in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. I later fell in love with her grandson and became a member of the Vreeland family. Although I never got to meet Mrs. Vreeland, I became fully immersed in her world. I have been given the confidence and trust of her family and friends, as well as access to Diana Vreeland’s archives, and the archives of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and The Costume Institute.

When I was conducting research for a book I wrote on Mrs. Vreeland, I realized that her real strengths and subtleties needed to be conveyed in a three-dimensional platform in which she could come alive. Film is the most obvious and effective medium to communicate Mrs. Vreeland’s unique and visual journey, so I decided to make a documentary about her fabled life.

DIANA VREELAND: THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL is more than just an intimate portrait of the legendary fashion icon. It captures Vreeland’s life visually through a multitude of media including film, photography, animation, graphics, text, sound, and music. Vreeland’s own voice and persona — strong, eloquent and often much exaggerated — guides us through her life, adventures, accomplishments, and passions.

Diana Vreeland was much more than just “the empress of fashion.” She used her magazines and costume shows as a platform to convey her imaginative perspective on life. Her philosophy was much deeper than what she put forward in her pages at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Her perseverance and determination showed us that we could dare to think in a different way. She has reminded us that it is important to imagine how life can be different. She lived for new experiences and new ideas, and was able to transmit that to us. She used her passion for the world as an instrument to let us expand and enrich our minds, as I set out to do with this film.