Traffic More Important Than Ranks

by Bob Sakayama

Bob Sakayama is the CEO of NYC based consultancy TNG/Earthling, specializing in the optimization of search motivated traffic. A student of Google, Bob is often called upon to reverse chronic traffic loss, whether triggered by a penalty or long compromised seo. His deep background in the causes of Google penalties has been a contributing factor to the success of his clients, and has been demonstrated on, quoted in Forbes, the topic of guest speakerships, online forums, and interviews. He created the first search enabled content management system, Protocol, which has been deployed on thousands of websites. His clients include both very large and very small businesses, along with seo agencies in multiple countries, and investors seeking search risk evaluation of an online business.


Everyone is way over focused on ranks. It's easy to understand because ranks are so easy to find. And ranks drive traffic so high ranks usually means good traffic metrics. They're bragging rights, so they're also marketing tools.

So if the agency is pointing to the number of page one ranks you may be surprised to find that the keywords getting that rank are never searched. Everyone has lots of page 1 ranks for obscure search terms that never get clicks, and they're really not bragging rights.

But the traffic can't be gamed. And you can get traffic improvement even when you have no major terms on page 1.

I'm often called in because the traffic numbers are falling and have been for a while. In this case the creation of a definitive bottom in the daily traffic is the signal we want to see. The number of page one ranks is irrelevant.

Search is the long game. Sometimes the VERY LONG game.